New Blythe on the way and naming

2016-07-08 23.20.10
Essie and my C3PO Pop

I was finally able to get the Blythe I have been wanting ordered. Enchanted Petal. I might go up to four girls total with the naming theme I’ve been using.

Essie is named after my great-great Grandma. I didn’t know her but she was -as I’ve been told- an awesome person.

I have three more important people from my family to name dolls after (for now). One will be named after my Great Grandma and one after her sister, then my Grandma. I already know the one named after my Grandma needs to have dark brown to maybe black hair. So I’m thinking of naming Enchanted Petal after my Great Grandma’s sister Pauline. But we shall see once she gets here. : D

If she accepts the name she is so accepting a frog theme because Aunt Pauline loved frogs!

I miss them.

A 4th of July dress

I forgot to post my last draft… xD; It was just some hats and charms and Essie’s freckles.

I’ve been posting her more on my instagram ^^;

Buuuut I did just finish a dress for her today~ It’s from the Hanon doll sewing book. The Lace Strap Dress.


I wanted her to be ready for the 4th of July before leaving to visit my sister and aunt in the next state over in almost two weeks.

And I’ll just stick her with her other new things and her with sleep eyes below.


A bit of Blythe

The Blythe bug bit me.

imageThis is my first Neo Blythe ish doll. I have two littlest pet shop ones also. I know she’s not a legit but I loved this one. She will be a great help with sewing. I want to call her Essie but I keep accidentally saying Ellie. xD

Future plans involve me saving up enough for an Enchanted Petal. I just don’t know when that will be. So little Essie will be enough for now. (:

She does have some defects in her eye mechanism, like it creaking the whole time I’m pulling the cord. It’s really hard to pull it when going from front facing to her orange side facing eyes.

I did order a new eye mech from another seller just so I have a back up just in case this one goes. Plus I get another pull cord so I can just do the sleep eyes when I want to. I’ll be looking for charms for her cords tomorrow.

My plans for her are to have her looking like a little aviator. I might buy some of the clothing pieces for that but I think I can make some of it too.

Speaking of eyes, that’s one thing I want to change; I like her blue and green eyes a lot but when I get to her orange and greys it’s not so much. I might just pull those two out and add purple and maybe brown?

Other things I have ordered for her: a dress, stockings, underwear, and a stand. For other dolls I have undies and an outfit ordered.

Things and stuff

My Littlest Pet Shop Blythe on Sunnie my Pureneemo L

Hoping to get a Neo Blythe eventually. I want one with minty/seafoamy hair. I have patterns for that size that I use for my Pureneemos that I would like to use on an actual Blythe too so I can see how things are suppose to fit. xD

I’ll get one.. One day…

For now I’m waiting for Azone Lil` Fairy Neilly. The little steampunk girl whose counterpart is Riam. Technically I have two ordered (it was an accident). Maybe if I’m not completely into having twins of her I’ll trade her for a Riam. (Or sell extra and buy riam on ebay). Shes due to be released any day now. D:! I’m getting impatient… >>;

Have one other incoming doll, Doll Leaves Soscia event head plus 1/3 girl body. And yes I got her with that beautiful faceup. She will be called Epi. (:

I feel like I might be slowing down on my BJD collection finally. I have one other girl to get and some bodies and I think I can finally really slow down. I have a few other wants and if I find them for good deals, then yeah, I’ll go for them. (Like Volks Rose/Bianka! D:)

My next girl will be Jenner, she is a character that has existed for a long time for me. Just a bit longer than Todd. I’m between two heads right now for her; Guudoll Naixu and Mystic Kids Miri. I know if I don’t get Naixu for her I will have to get her for another character and her face is good. I just want the body with that one as well, which makes her really expensive for me. Miri though? Almost perfect and good price for just the head and maybe I can grab a Volks body for her later.

I just don’t want to do the floating head period while saving for a body anymore. I still have to get my Illusion Spirit Muka a body, he’s been floating almost a year now? I don’t know at this point. I ordered him last minute when they were discontinuing all their dolls last year.